Course Post-Truth and Fake News

An Approach from Philosophy with the renowned philosopher Joan Garcia del Muro

Official name
Post-Truth and Fake News
Modality On-site
Duration 7 Weeks
Language Spanish
Places available 20
Credits 5-ECTS
Start Date To be announced 2024
Schedule Tuesday, from 18 to 21h
Location Barcelona

Truth is becoming just another commodity within our reach: we act as if we are convinced that we can acquire the truth that suits us the most, the most convenient one, the one that least challenges our biases. This is the culture of post-truth and fake news.

Post-truth is a concept that has remarkably connected with the consumerism characterizing today's society. The validity of a discourse no longer has anything to do with the old correspondences between what is said and the reality of facts. It has to do with power. The truth of the discourse depends only on whether we have enough power to buy it and then to assert it, to impose it.

The liberating will that came with bidding farewell to truth has, in reality, been quite paradoxical: it has contributed to liberate those who were already free (and to further subjugate those whom, in theory, it was supposed to liberate).


Joan Garcia del Muro. PhD in philosophy from the University of Barcelona and professor at the Faculty of Philosophy of La Salle-URL, one of the most awarded essayists in Catalan literature:

2022. Arnau de Vilanova Award with "Pensar el totalitarisme" (Thinking Totalitarianism).

2017. Josep Vallverdú Award with "Good bye, veritat" (Goodbye, Truth).

2016. Octubre Awards with "Soldats del no-res" (Soldiers of Nothingness).

2003. Joan Fuster Essay Award with "Ficcions còmplices" (Accomplice Fictions).



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