Program in Artificial Intelligence in the Enterprise

Delve into the world of AI and discover its business application

Official name
Programme in Artificial Intelligence for Business Success
Modality Blended
Duration 76 Hours
Language Catalan - Spanish - English
Places available 20
Credits 5-ECTS
Start Date 15 November 2023
Schedule Tuesday 18:30 to 21:30 (virtual), Friday 17:00 to 21:30 (face-to-face)
Location Barcelona

Get ready to discover the fascinating world of AI, exploring its evolution and impact on the business environment. This study program offers a deep and comprehensive dive into the fascinating field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Designed to provide a solid understanding of AI, its evolution and its application in the business world, the program is divided into two main parts.

In the first part of the program, we will delve into Artificial Intelligence applied to Business, where you will discover the exciting context surrounding AI. Through real case studies, you will see how it has been successfully applied in the business world, ranging from price optimization to sentiment analysis and demand prediction, among many other interesting areas.

The next stage, Management and Governance of Artificial Intelligence, will allow you to delve into the strategy and management of AI. Here you will learn to lead AI projects and understand the implications of their application in the business environment.

We will explore crucial issues such as digital transformation, AI risks and security, ethics and bias in algorithms, as well as related regulation and policy.

In addition, masterclasses are offered during the course with expert and prominent speakers in the world of AI and practical workshops. In these sessions, you will immerse yourself in current topics such as business innovation, emerging applications of AI in the business world, and exciting data science along with Artificial Intelligence.


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