In the current business environment, two types of profiles coexist. On the one hand, there are the technologists, in charge of extracting the day-to-day data from the databases, and on the other, the executives, who run large businesses and need to describe how to use the extracted data.

This has generated the need for various types of professional profiles linked to the management and processing of a large amount of data:

  • Technological profile: data scientist and other technical profiles capable of defining, managing and executing projects based on data science and leading teams.
  • Analytical and management profile: data analyst with the aim of transforming business processes ranging from data collection to process optimization. For example: consumption forecasts, pattern recognition, calculation of new concepts such as savings, ability to pay, etc.

Two of our faculties work in data environments with teachers, academics, professionals and researchers who are experts in the field. On the one hand, the International Faculty of Commerce and Digital Economy of La Salle-URL, which has more than 30 years of experience training international leaders, and on the other, the Higher Technical School of Engineering of La Salle-URL, with more than 50 years of experience training engineers and technologists.

In addition, the Campus has the IoTICAT, Internet of Things Institute of Catalonia, with researchers and specific laboratories for Big Data and Data Science. The programs in this area are associated with the DS4DS (Data Science for Digital Society Research Group) with three lines of research:

  1. IA, Machine Learning and Applications to Data Analysis
  2. Data Analysis for Business and Management
  3. Data Analysis for High Energy Phisics.

We have been training Data Scientists for more than four years with the Master in Data Science, aimed at engineers and technicians. The program obtained 4 stars in the prestigious International QS STARS Program. A recognition that proves the teaching quality and competitiveness of La Salle Campus Barcelona and consolidates our international prestige.

Our Online Campus is designed on the experience of the La Salle Campus in the fields of technology and business management, to be competitive in a digital business environment.