The School of Architecture of La Salle (ETSALS) faces a series of challenges that represent the reinforcement and consolidation of the trajectory followed over the last 20 years. A new stage is opening up that values the teaching experience of these two decades, and proposes to project it in an evolutionary and reformulated way towards the next 20 years, consolidating the work carried out up to now and making it more flexible to guarantee its adaptation to the current social demands of the profession.

A pedagogical approach focused on two disciplinary areas that converge in the teaching of design. On the one hand, the knowledge of materials and tectonic systems that order the building, from the structure to the skin; on the other hand, the study of the cultural framework, the physical, physiological and historical landscape of the architectural project, providing it with an indispensable intellectual content.

The teaching of Architecture is based, in short, on an abstract knowledge that includes the thought and the interpretation of what is looked at and critically analyzed, in order to be able to build later on.
The architect is a constructor of objects [something that occupies a place], but above all he or she is a constructor of gaps [something that becomes a place].  

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