The Faculty of Philosophy at La Salle Campus Barcelona is a space for reflection on the current and future challenges facing humanity. An environment where new generations, passionate about learning about the great currents of thought, will develop their capacity for reflection to transform and inspire changes in society.

We open up the humanistic legacy by applying it to the challenges of the 20th century in science, technology, art, and the global economy, training our students for tasks that already exist and others that are yet to come. To achieve this, we must address the challenges of today's society with a disruptive and critical reflection by people who add from very diverse perspectives.

Philosophy allows us to open the intelligence and heart of people to the great questions that have affected and still affect humanity, who wonder about the meaning and foundation of existence.

La Salle Campus offers the opportunity to learn in an environment that brings together humanities learning with other areas of knowledge, which provides a more open vision of the world. A transdisciplinary approach that stimulates students' critical thinking, inspiring and inspiring people from different areas of knowledge. Our unique and personalized methodology allows working in small groups, encouraging debate and joint discussions. In addition to having a teaching staff composed of active professionals, with recognized prestige.


An educational offer adapted to the needs of today's society

The Degree in Philosophy provides the foundations of the most important currents of thought in history (such as ancient Greece, for example), approaching the questions about the meaning and foundation of human existence. During their training, students will be able to work with other areas of knowledge such as art, economics, or architecture, developing disruptive thinking open to the future.

On the other hand, the Degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics provides a humanistic vision and at the same time, the technical ability to understand the functioning of the economy and politics. At La Salle-URL we provide our students with the essential tools to foster their capacity for debate and critical thinking so that they can lead significant changes in society.

The degree is taught jointly by Universidad de Comillas, Universidad de Deusto, and Ramon Llull University.

La Salle-URL also offers specialized courses in contemporary philosophy, taught by the philosopher and writer Josep M. Esquirol. The Thought and Creativity Program offers a unique journey that allows us to understand our own nature and to foster our expressive, imaginative, and resolutive capacity.

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