Online Course in Agile Project Management and Scrum

Master the Scrum methodology and gain Agile professional certification.

Official name
Online Course in Agile Project Management and Scrum
Degree certificate issued by La Salle
Modality Online Guided Learning
Duration 6 Weeks
Language Spanish
Places available 20
Credits 5-ECTS
Start Date 28 October 2024
Schedule Synchronous and flexible sessions
Location Barcelona

Scrum is one of the most agile methodologies currently adopted by organisations developing software products. Our Agile Project Management course focuses on understanding how Scrum works, what its defined roles are, what dynamics are involved, and what kind of team culture is fostered.

Throughout the course you will see first-hand advantages in terms of self-organisation, collaboration, reduced complexity and continuous improvement at the heart of a maturing team.

As a framework, Scrum is simple to understand but at the same time can be complicated to put into practice, generally due to the cultural context of companies integrating it. It is in this context that you will learn the most common mistakes in implementation and will receive advice to identify cases in which it is not being understood or applied correctly.

In addition to this, the course also provides you with the knowledge you will need to take the exam to gain Scrum Master Professional Certificationfrom Scrum.organd Agile Certified Practitioner from the PMI.



Some or all of the cost of this course may be covered by FUNDAE training funds.
La Salle-URL is accredited by FUNDAE as a training provider, and we provide all the information required so you can request funding for your course from said body.

Improved project visibility
Accelerated product/project delivery


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