Programme in Thought and Creativity

An invitation for serious, profund reflection on the human condition

Official name
Programme in Thought and Creativity
Degree certificate issued by Universitat Ramon Llull
Modality On-site
Duration 40 Hours
Language Catalan
Places available 25
Credits 0-ECTS
Start Date 02 October 2024
Schedule Wednesday, from 18.30h to 20.30h
Location Barcelona

Reflection on the human condition contributes to improved expression, imagination and resolution skills.

The Programme in Thought and Creativity offers a unique, at times surprising journey, in which you will learn about how we conceive of ourselves, while at the same time helping us to detect the underlying themes that feed our creativity and generate life orientations that are key for teams and organisations.

The main aim of the Programme is personal enjoyment and education, but it will also make a valuable contribution to your professional identity and your various entrepreneurial skills. It comprises two modules:

  • A Philosophy of the Human Condition (20h), explores the fundamental elements of human life.
  • Philosophical Orientation of Life (20h), which will introduce a sort of orientation for your personal and professional lives.

In the era of technology, deep reflection on the essence of human life is the best way to open up fertile, hope-filled horizons for action.



Josep M. Esquirol Calaf philosopher, professor of Philosophy at the University of Barcelona, and the postgraduate degree in Thought and Creativity of La Salle-URL. Participates in state and European research projects. In the 2003 edition, he received the distinction to research the Generalitat de Catalunya.  He has published ten books and more than eighty works in collective books and specialized journals. Ciutat de Barcelona Award (2015) and National Essay Award (2016) for  La resistencia íntima (Acantilado, 2015). He recently published La penúltima bondad. Essay on human life (Acantilado, 2018). 


Some or all of the cost of this course may be covered by FUNDAE training funds.

La Salle-URL is accredited by FUNDAE as a training provider, and we provide all the information required so you can request funding for your course from said body.

We offer special bonuses to those companies that enroll several participants in the same course or in different courses within the current academic year.


“The best academic experience I’ve had in a long time. A space for discovery, for diving into fundamental concepts and for raising our sights to see that which is truly essential. It’s helped me both as a person and as a professional, as he teaches us to ask questions.”

Genís Roca, CEO of RocaSalvatella

“Every Wednesday, for two and a half hours, the team led by Josep Maria Esquirol helped us think about the fundamentals in life. In simple, profound terms. More than recommend this course, I’d say it’s absolutely essential. And urgent”.

Toni Segarra, Publicist

These sessions with Josep Maria Esquirol have helped me to fit together the various pieces of my own personal way of understanding life. It's been a privilege to be able to watch him think in person: he thinks and reflects in an way that's generous with those listening. This postgraduate course opens up possibilities, encourages you to read, to think, and sometimes even provokes, as part of a process that ends up being more intimate than it is collective.

Juliana Vilert, Director of Organisation and Staff at Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC).

"The programme has been a fantastic, fruitful experience. We got to reflect on what and how we think, as well as the effects of the way we think on the most essential, most radical, and most fundamental questions of the human condition, and this helped us to develop new perspectives on all kinds of issues, firing our curiosity and making us more creative. On top of this, we got to work with Josep Maria Esquirol, which was an extraordinary intellectual pleasure”.

Manuel Tresanchez, Deputy Manager, Banc Sabadell

“Reflecting on what it means to think, with the help of Josep Maria Esquirol, has been a privilege and a delight. As a professional, I learned about how to build in a more solid, committed way. As a person, it’s been a discovery that will stay with me forever. “

Mònica Campos, Executive Director of the National Theatre of Catalonia.