Welcome to the Business Council of La Salle Campus Barcelona.

The changing and digitized environment requires creative, entrepreneurial and talented people. At La Salle-URL we want to promote the future of our students, by accompanying them in their training, learning and personal growth.   

At La Salle-URL we maintain a strong mission focused on professional education with value, people with the capacity to transform society and enhance talent by obtaining a global technological vision.  

To strengthen the relationship of our students between the academic world and the business environment, La Salle Campus Barcelona constitutes the Business Council.  

This new structure deepens the active collaboration between large companies and the university ecosystem of La Salle-URL, creating a network of contacts that favors the entry of our students into the world of work.  

The Business Council is in constant contact with the world of work, understanding the present needs with the objective of acting in the development and strengthening of entrepreneurship and economic-social cooperation for the benefit of the entire social fabric.    

Which organizations make up the Consell d'Empreses?  

The Business Council includes major blue-chip corporations. Most of these organizations have consolidated their objectives in technology and innovation, share the foundations of the DNA of La Salle-URL and are of recognized prestige.  

Some of the collaborating companies:  

CISCO · HP · Siemens ·  AVANADE · T-Systems · Bayer · NTT Data ·  JG Enginyers ·  Incasol ·  Simon ·  KPMG ·  Oracle ·  Fundació Caixa d´Enginyers ·  Consorci de la Zona Franca (CZF) of Barcelona · Govern de Catalunya 

At La Salle-URL we want to empower the future of our students by imagining a better tomorrow and working to make it possible. 

Co-Presidents of the Business Council of La Salle Campus Barcelona  

- Ms. Blanca Sorigué, CEO of the Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona (CZF)  

- Mr. Josep M. Santos, General Manager of La Salle Campus Barcelona  


Composition of the Business Council of La Salle Campus Barcelona  

- General Council  

- Executive Committee  

- Permanent Commissions  

- ICT Engineering and Computer Engineering  

- Business and Management  

- Architecture and Construction  

- Digital Arts, Animation, Games & VFX 


Constitution of La Salle´s Business Council