Degree in Engineering in ICT Management

Receive training in a unique University degree in Spain

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Elective Subjects
Semester 1Semester 2
Physics (6)
Telecommunications Laboratory (4)
Department Collaboration VIII (16)
Electronic Measurements Laboratory (6)
3D Computer Animation (5)
Computer Network Technology (6)
Design and Usability II (5)
Database Systems (5)
Sensors (3)
Department Collaboration VII (8)
Department Collaboration IX (16)
Fundamentals of Acoustics and Audio (6)
Audiovisual Production (4)
Video Game Productions (6)
Audiovisual Language (5)
Multimedia Production II (6)
Operating Systems (5)Peripheral Equipments (4)
Computer Architecture (5)Web Projects II (5)
Web Projects I (4) Networking and IT Security (4)
Software Methodology II (4)Wireless Networks (4)
Digital Analytic (5)Microwave Circuits (4)
New Generation Broadband Networks (3)Music and Special FX (4)
Internship II (4)Concept Design (2)
Communications for Hostile Environments (3)Circuits Theory (4)
Antenna (3)Control Systems (3)
Interactive television (3)Modern Social Thought and Movements and Economic History (6)
Audiovisual Dramaturgy (3)Knowledge Based Systems (4)
Active Markets and Services in Telecommunications (1)Network Management and Planning (2)
Internship III (4)Radio Frequency Technologies (5)
Digital Signal Processing (4)Department Collaboration III (4)
Character Animation (4)Video Equipment (4)
Digital Video (4)Software Radio (3)
Electromagnetic Propagation (4)Department Collaboration II (4)
Power Electronics (4)Department Collaboration IV (4)
Electromagnetic Compatibility (3)Digital Image Processing (4)
Automatics and Domotics (5)Physics Simulation (6)
3D Computer Graphics (5)E-Business (4.5)
Intelligence, Reality and Virtuality (4)Transfer of New Technologies into the Economy / Latest New (4)
Audio and Speech Processing (4)Advanced Operating Systems (4)
Electrical and Telecommunication Infrastructures (4)Programming Languages (6)
Optical Communications (4)Digital Photography (3)
Interconnection of Data Networks (4)Image Synthesis (5)
Distributed Architecture Projects (4)Programmable ICs (3)
Digital Television I (4)Creativity and Innovation in Technological Organizations (3)
Department Collaboration I (4)Department Collaboration VI (4)
Department Collaboration V (4)Digital Telecommunications (4)
System Design and Administration (6) 
Room Acoustics (4) 
Data Mining (5)