The Tutorial Action Plan (TAP) is an institutional management document, in the medium or long term, that explains the organization of tutorials in an institution. The TAP of La Salle Campus Barcelona is an instrument that has been developed with the participation of the entire team of campus tutors, and is a dynamic instrument that will have to evolve in the course of its application following the principles of design, implementation, evaluation and improvement.

The TAP of La Salle Campus Barcelona is made up of the following sections:

  1. Justification for Lasallian tutoring.
  2. Purpose and exit profile of student body in relation to the tutorial.
  3. Objectives of the TAP.
  4. Control Panel.
  5. Organizational structure and information management.
  6. Planning matrix.
  7. Tutorial functions.


The Lasallian Tradition offers its own educational style which, in relation to the universities, is specifically included in the document "Identity of a European Lasallian University institution".

For attention to the principles contained in the indicated document, tutoring is conceived as a factor of institutional quality and a right of the student. Our duty is to help the student achieve their academic, personal, and professional goals in the context of campus life.


Tutoring is a student right, which is intended to help you achieve the student’s academic, personal, and professional goals in the context of campus life.

The student, once completed their education process at La Salle, should be able to:

  • Plan their professional and personal development.
  • Be a person of integrity, defend the value and dignity of the person, and act with community awareness.
  • Know how to make decisions with responsibility and judgment.
  • Contribute to making society more humane, caring for the weakest, and respectful of the environment, open to innovation, responsible and supportive.
  • Tutorial action should have an impact on the development of the skills that enhance their autonomy and personal initiative, favor the fact of living in community and stimulate the desire and permanent will to learn how to learn.


The general objective of La Salle Campus Barcelona’s TAP is to support and guide students in their personal growth in order to help them achieve their academic, personal and professional objectives in the context of campus life.

This general objective is broken down into 3 strategic objectives to be carried out:

  • SO.1 To facilitate the integration of the student within the institution, serving as a bridge with the various university fields and services.
  • SO.2 Personalize the university experience, supporting the student in their academic and personal education process, emphasizing those students who present more difficulties.
  • SO.3. To guide the student in their possible professional and work opportunities once they have finished their studies.


In order to achieve the general objective indicated in the previous point, a control panel has been developed specifying the strategy to be followed, detailing the strategic and operational objectives derived from the general objective, as well as the lines of action and the corresponding individual and group activities.


In order to carry out the TAP effectively and efficiently, the structural organization of the Pedagogical Coordination Unit (on which all the tutorial action depends) is as follows: There is a person in charge of the Pedagogical Coordination area. This figure coordinates the heads/managers of the tutors of the different areas of knowledge that coexist in the Campus: Engineering, Animation and digital arts, Architecture and Business. In turn, each head of tutors is responsible for all the tutors in their area of knowledge ("first-year" tutors and "vertical" tutors, this second group of tutors being understood as those who tutor students who are enrolled in the second year up to the last year).

The Head of Pedagogical Coordination meets periodically with the tutors' coordinators in order to manage the tutorial action and keep the coordination in the performance of all the tutors on campus. For their part, the coordinators also meet regularly with their tutors from the corresponding area to supervise and manage the tutorial activity.

All the tutorial activity carried out with the students is recorded by the tutors in a computer information system designed to facilitate the task of the tutors. This system allows the proper monitoring of all the students on campus by tutors and coordinators.


Different aspects are referred to in this section of the TAP:

  • The criteria for assigning students to each group in the first year is random, respecting the chosen language.
  • The head of Pedagogical Coordination and the tutor coordinators of each area are responsible for selecting the tutors according to their profile. The desired characteristics of a tutor are:
    • A clear vocation of educator.
    • Aligned with Lasallian values.
    • Discerning and open to dialogue.
    • Empathetic, understanding and patient.
    • With resources to help students plan their work.
    • With resources to encourage and motivate their students.
  • The tutor of a first-year group should be one of the teachers teaching in that group.
  • The "vertical" tutor of a specific degree or specialty should be a teacher teaching a subject in this degree or specialty.


From everything detailed above, it is possible to extract the functions that the different actors of the tutors’ team must carry out according to the TAP. Some of them have to be developed by the tutors, others by the tutors' coordinators or the person in charge of the Pedagogical Coordination, and some others function are carried out in common.

Functions of the tutors:

  • To conduct individual interviews with students.
  • To conduct group tutorial sessions.
  • To know the history and the real situation of the student.
  • To monitor the students in the subjects and articulate the necessary support measures.
  • To promote positive self-esteem in students and help them overcome failures in the face of any type of difficulty.
  • To help students in the orientation of their studies and professional life.
  • To attend the Evaluation Boards providing information from the students.

Functions of the Head of the Pedagogical Coordination and of the tutors' coordinators:

  • To promote and coordinate the tutorial action.
  • To select the tutors.
  • To call tutors meetings.
  • Ensure the correct development of the TAP.
  • Identify improvements in the tutorial action and incorporate them into the future TAP.

Shared functions between the tutors, the Head of Pedagogical Coordination and the coordinators:

  • To act as a mediator in teacher-student conflicts
  • To attend to students' complaints and suggestions.
  • Attend the meeting of parents of students in the first quarter of the course to report on the functions of university tutoring.