Postgraduate in Agile Methods

Beyond the method, you will learn to transform people, teams and organizations, considering the key cultural factor, through the reference professors in Europe.

Official name
Postgraduate in Agile Methods for Product Development
Degree certificate issued by Universitat Ramon Llull
Modality On-site
Duration 4 Months
Language Spanish
Places available 20
Credits 30-ECTS
Start Date 20 October 2023
Schedule Friday, from 4pm to 9pm and Saturdays, from 9am to 2pm
Location Barcelona

Agile methods such as Scrum, Kanban, XP and DevOps have proven to be particularly suitable for the development of new products enabling rapid adaptation in highly competitive environments and projects with a high degree of uncertainty. 

Agile is especially successful in culturally appropriate contexts with the possibility of building products incrementally. It is based on a specific mentality and a set of best practices for high-performance multidisciplinary teams, allowing them to better orient themselves towards the needs of their clients, reduce to-market times, increase flexibility, make continuous improvements to working methods and increase motivation in the organisation.

The Agile paradigm simplifies complex environments and is particularly useful for resolving situations in which you are not delivering what you need to the customer, when deliveries are too long, costs skyrocket or quality becomes unacceptable, when you need to be able to react to competition, when team morale is low and rotation is high, when you need to identify and solve inefficiencies systematically or when you want to work using a process specialised in product development.

Agile methods are the standard for work in both start-ups and large companies, especially in the most competitive companies in the world (Google, Amazon, SAP, Spotify, Salesforce, etc.). With its origins in software development, they are spreading to all kinds of industries (BBVA, ING, Telefónica, Roche, Boeing, Tesla, Ferrari, BBC), becoming the method of choice in the digital transformation of organisations.

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International Certifications

Certified Scrum Master® (CSM) of the Scrum Alliance, learning with practical experiences the Scrum principles and how to carry out an agile project successfully in an organization.


The Agile Spain Congress (CAS)the most important event in the sector in Spain, will have the collaboration and sponsorship of La Salle-URL for the fifth consecutive year.

La Salle-URL is one of the Platinum Partners of the 2020 annual event of the PMI Barcelona Chapter "Be Water". Speakers from around the world and from La Salle-URL stressing the need to adapt to circumstances.



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