master of science in digital arts an creative technologies la salle campus barcelona

Master of Science in Digital Arts and Creative Technologies

Official name
Master´s degree in digital arts and creative technologies
Modality On-site
Duration 9 Months
Language English
Places available 50
Credits 60-ECTS
Start Date 03 March 2025
Schedule Monday to Thursday from 5:30pm to 8:30pm
Location Barcelona

The Master of Science in Digital Arts and Creative Technologies explores the creative synergies between the artistic field, science and technology, approaching communication from a constantly evolving interdisciplinary perspective.

Promoting the exchange of complex social, cultural and artistic perspectives, the program provides an environment tailored specifically for artistic expression as a field of experimentation and reflection on cutting-edge concepts and tools.

The program's core activities will take place in the newly renovated Interactive Arts and Sciences Laboratory (IASlab), an immersive space of digital technologies focused on the study and development of multimedia content, art and digital entertainment. The IASlab serves as a key driver in the evolution of other sectors through its innovative experiences.

The faculty of La Salle-URL's Master in Digital Arts and Creative Technologies is composed of industry leaders and internationally recognized professionals. Experts will guide and shape through a deeply innovative approach, enabling students to acquire the necessary skills in all stages within the artistic process: (1) Conceptualization, (2) Production, (3) Curation and (4) Distribution. Mentoring will play an essential role for each student throughout the program.

A further fundamental pillar of this master's program is its active participation alongside the creative industry ecosystem, not only in Barcelona but also on an international level. In addition, the Master in Digital Arts and Creative Technologies offers students the opportunity to get involved in the industry's most prominent festivals, cultural programs and museum environments.

The program is committed to the inclusion and equality of candidates with specific special needs of any kind. 


Futura Space
New Art Foundation
New Art City
Layers of Reality