Postgraduate in Architectural Restoration Campus la Salle

Postgraduate in Architectural Restoration

Expand your knowledge in monumental restoration according to internationally established criteria and specialize to meet the needs of managers and owners of buildings with patrimonial value

Official name
Postgraduate in Restoration of Architectural Monuments
Degree certificate issued by Universitat Ramon Llull
Modality On-site
Duration 1 Year
Language Spanish
Places available 60
Credits 30-ECTS
Start Date 21 October 2024
Schedule Monday to Thursday from 7pm to 10pm
Location Barcelona

There is a certain gap in architectural intervention in monumental buildings, since the current regulations do not establish clear parameters. But many of these buildings need interventions to accommodate new needs. That is why, if you want to be a professional who can undertake any architectural restoration with guarantees, you will need complementary training that is not covered in the degree plans.

To train you in this specific way, La Salle’s Postgraduate in Restoration of Architectural Monuments brings you closer to the internationally established criteria in this area.

University of Architecture Campus la Salle Barcelona

University of Architecture Campus la Salle Barcelona.

Postgraduate students of Architectural Restoration

Acquiring know-how in energy restoration and its implications for heritage values.

Architectural Restoration Projects La Salle

Architectural Restoration Projects La Salle.

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You will know the legislative and normative aspects about the intervention in heritage buildings.