Master of Science in Building Construction Management: Rehabilitation and Restoration

Become a qualified professional in rehabilitation and restoration and acquire the best skills in diagnosis, intervention techniques and knowledge of injuries to the building elements

Official name
Master of Science in Building Construction Management, specialization in Rehabilitation and Restoration
Degree certificate issued by The Ministry of Education
Modality On-site
Duration 3 Semesters
Language Spanish
Places available 25
Credits 90-ECTS
Start Date 21 October 2024
Schedule From Monday to Thursday from 7pm to 10 pm
Location Barcelona

In the MGIC. Specialization in Rehabilitation and Restoration you will be trained to work in one of the specializations most demanded by the sector today. Law 8/2013, of 26 June, on rehabilitation, regeneration and urban renewal, to preserve buildings and monuments, but to provide them with ever-increasing benefits. Among these benefits, energy rehabilitation is becoming more important.

The Master is structured in:

  • Postgraduate in Architectural Restoration
  • Postgraduate in Rehabilitation, Diagnosis and Intervention Techniques
  • Construction Project Management

This Master is a specialization within the official Master of Science in Building Construction Management. You will be trained to be a professional capable of handling all the management of the construction process.


La Salle-URL School of Architecture and Building and RehabiMed Association, the Mediterranean interdisciplinary network oriented to sustainable rehabilitation, heritage restoration and urban regeneration have a collaboration agreement to work together on the methodology of diagnosis and preliminary assessment, traditional building systems and restoration techniques, with the aim of benefiting the professional and educational development of the students of the master's degree. This agreement is part of La Salle-URL's ongoing commitment to be in constant contact with the business world.


The Master of Science in Building Construction Management: Rehabilitation and Restoration has obtained n.53 in Real Estate Management (Construction), Worldwide, Eduniversal Ranking 2022.

Top 1
Spain U-Ranking 2022
Top 2
Ranking Spain, Eduniversal 2022
Building Construction Management, Ranking Eduniversal 2022


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Restoration of Gaudí's Casa Batlló, from the inside: visit of the students of the Master in Integral Construction Management of La Salle-URL

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