Master in Integrated Architectural Design

Master in Integrated Architectural Design

Logics of evolution for contemporary contexts

Official name
Master of Science in Integrated Architectural Design
Degree certificate issued by The Ministry of Education
Modality On-site
Duration 9 Months
Language English
Places available 20
Credits 60-ECTS
Start Date 21 October 2024
Schedule Monday to Thursday from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., and 3 hours per week of extracurricular activities
Location Barcelona


Think, design and build a responsible architecture with the future of society and the planet

The logics of architectural design and construction are in continuous adaptation to the context in which they operate. Its systems of methods and principles are expanded to face challenges such as climate change, technological disruptions, economic collapses, geopolitical strategies and demographic movements, among other imminent global challenges.

MIAD is a postgraduate course destined to review the most significant phenomena that affect our society, and to rethink them from environmental, social, digital, tectonic and cultural logics that are oriented towards an evolved conception of architecture.

MIAD has an integrated approach to architectural design and research serving the areas of design, technology and culture alike. MIAD is based on the visions that the international references are giving on the global context. For this, solutions and tools will be presented and taught to expand the logics that give imminent answers to common challenges.

Future visions are always uncertain and involve a lack of action. Instead, the logical concepts that we address in the MIAD will be exemplified with specific practices that have already been being applied for over a decade, as I have mentioned. I do think about the future, yes, but the imminent future, the one that requires immediate action. In what is already being done and what must be considered for tomorrow.

Ricardo Devesa, MIAD coordinator

Prepare to give answers to a world in constant evolution, with the evolution of society and the environment.

Joe Morris

Taught by a network of internationally renowned faculty.

body inspring

Comprehensive program that combines design, technique and culture. 


Responsibility for the future of society and the environment. 

Be part of an advanced and transdisciplinary campus. 

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