University Master in Architecture

Master of Science in Architecture

Study at La Salle and obtain the master's degree to become a great architect with all the responsibilities

Official name
Master of Science in Architecture
Degree certificate issued by The Ministry of Education
Modality On-site
Duration 1 Year
Language Catalan - Spanish - English
Places available 50
Credits 60-ECTS
Start Date 23 October 2023
Schedule Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 16 pm to 20 pm
Location Barcelona

The Master’s Degree in Architecture will allow you to work in multidisciplinary teams linked to the field of architecture and engineering, both in the field of construction and urban planning.
You will realize a project in all its development, attending to all the conditions of the process as if it were a real project, in which you will have to take into account all the requirements: environment, culture, program, urban, normative, etc.

Relevant Facts
First year of implementation of the Master
Architecture students

You will work in multidisciplinary teams

Architecture projects

You will carry out an architecture Project.

Architectural design

You’ll understand the role of the architect in society

Architectural projects La Salle

You will carry out projects

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