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Contemporary visual culture

We are immersed in a digital era where the impact of images and visual inputs is constant. The subject allows us to understand the contemporary world from plastic and visual parameters. Thus, the subject presents the historical emergence and development of visual culture in our days, allowing students to create their own context of visual culture that allows them to use it as a reference in their artistic practices, learning to see and critically analyse historical and contemporary images. Students will also study the main players in the national and international cultural industry: artists, illustrators, designers. The contents of visual culture go into related disciplines such as the history of contemporary art, the media, video games, audiovisual productions, cinema, advertising, photography, design, comics in such a way that their own codes and languages are generated, which reflect our contemporary culture, where the important thing is the link that is established between the person who captures the images and the images themselves, regardless of the medium used, as well as the intentionality of these images. Contemporary society has developed a visual code where images contain semantic meanings that must be known, as if they were a new language. It is no longer possible to apprehend our environment without these codes. Thus, based on aesthetic understanding, the student's critical spirit will be stimulated in communication campaigns, viral actions and other phenomena of contemporary visual impact.
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