Degree in Animation and VFX

Become a professional in 3D computer generated imagery, including special effects and 3D artwork. The Degree in Animation at La Salle Campus Barcelona is the first official undergraduate degree program in Catalonia.

Fundamentals of drawing

This course that provides the foundations in drawing and color, making a survey of different techniques and procedures, from traditional hand drawing to digital painting with graphic tablet, understanding the evolution towards specialization and the inter-procedural relationship as the different processes of artistic creation. Students will learn how to take measurements, the study of the proportions, the gesture, the shapes and the detection of the shadow line [or shadow shape]. The Long Pose exercise allows the student to observe the model with precision to analyze and deeply understand the human figure.
Type Subject
Primer - Obligatoria

Titular Professors

Previous Knowledge

To learn the procedure of analytical drawing.
To work concepts of chiaroscuro and tonal value.
To learn elemental concepts of anatomy, gesture and proportion.
To learn about graphic expressive tools.


Life drawing

Drawing space

Drawing movement

Evaluation Criteria
Basic Bibliography

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Additional Material