02 May 2024

The 'Digital Leaders in Higher Education' ranking distinguishes Universidad Ramon Llull as the 1st Catalan and 2nd Spanish university in digital education

In one of the areas in which La Salle Barcelona – Universitat Ramon Llull teaches studies, the URL achieves notable results in the ranking published by the company Emerging

The Universitat Ramon Llull (URL), of which La Salle Barcelona - Universitat Ramon Llull is a founding member, has positioned itself as the 1st university in Catalonia and the 2nd in Spain in the 'Digital Leaders in Higher Education' ranking, prepared by the company Emerging in collaboration with Trendence Institute and Crunchbase, and in which digitalization experts from around the world identify the leading higher education institutions in digital education.

La Salle Barcelona – Universitat Ramon Llull campus teaches some of the URL studies that this ranking recognizes, such as those in computer science and computing, taught from the La Salle Digital Engineering School (ETSELS), and the programs in digital transformation and entrepreneurship in the field of digitalization, promoted by the La Salle International School of Comerce and Digital Economy (FICEDLS).

The URL has also achieved notable results in the different categories of the ranking, such as 15th position in the world in 'Best institutions for digital transformation management programs'; 32nd global position in 'Best institutions for digital entrepreneurship programs'; or the 100th global position in 'Best institutions for online programs'.

Some of the studies taught at La Salle Barcelona – Universitat Ramon Llull and that contribute to the good results of the ranking are: