Degree in Architecture Studies

In La Salle you will be trained to become a responsable architect. Likewise, you will acquire the capacity to respond to the needs of society using the most advanced knowledge and technologies

Final Thesis

Development of a project with a theme that affects the transformation and construction of man's habitat: The territory, the city, the building; attending to the physical, historical, cultural, and legal conditions, through the resolution of conceptual, formal and tectonic proposals.
Type Subject
Tercer - Obligatoria

Titular Professors

Previous Knowledge

Previous subjects.


Adequate knowledge of urban planning, planning and techniques applied in the planning process;
Ability to understand the relationships between people and buildings and between buildings and their surroundings, as well as the need to relate buildings and spaces located between them according to human needs and scale;
Understanding the problems of structural design, construction and engineering linked to building projects;
Adequate knowledge of the physical problems and of the different technologies, as well as of the function of the buildings, so as to provide them with internal conditions of comfort and protection from climatic factors.


In the final project of Degree the student shows that he has acquired all the necessary skills to be able to integrate in the professional field.
It also includes the presentation of a "portfolio" summary course by course, of the work done by the student throughout the career, which allows to assess, to the invited members of the court external to the school, the quality of the work done by the student during his studies.


Workshop where the work is done by the student, with supervision by a tutor.


Projects 40%
Project corrections 20%
Jury of projects 40%

Evaluation Criteria

In accordance with Article 5 of Royal Decree 1125/2003, of September 5th, the results obtained by the student in each of the subjects of the Syllabus, will be graded according to the following numerical scale from 0 to 10 , with expression of a decimal, to which may be added the corresponding qualitative qualification:
0-4.9: Suspense (SS) | 5.0-6.9: Approved (AP) | 7.0-8.9: Notable (NT) | 9.0-10: Outstanding (SB)

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