Degree in Architecture Studies

In La Salle you will be trained to become a responsable architect. Likewise, you will acquire the capacity to respond to the needs of society using the most advanced knowledge and technologies

Official name
Degree in Architecture Studies
Degree certificate issued by The Ministry of Education
Modality On-site On-site
Duration 5 Years 5 Years
Language Catalan - Spanish - English English
Places available 80 80
Credits 300-ECTS 300-ECTS
Start Date 02 September 2024 02 September 2024
Schedule Monday to Friday Monday to Friday
Location Barcelona Barcelona
International Stage Delft, Lisbon, London Delft, Lisbon, London

The School of Architecture of La Salle (ETSALS) - Ramon Llull University offers an experience of learning Architecture and Building, working with the talent of leading architects in Barcelona, as well as the rest of the world.

A personalized study plan with various options guides the student according to their interests. It is articulated in three major areas of knowledge:

 - Architectural design: it involves linking the fact of knowing how to build what is imagined in a cultural and professional reality that gives it meaning.

- The technical-scientific axis is the domain of constructive knowledge as a sensitive and manageable aspect.

 - Cultural-humanistic axis is necessary to guide the student, the future architect, in an active, intensive and critical view.

ETSALS has implemented a new methodology that differentiates it from other architecture schools and identifies all our students through these three differential qualities:



Our students have the possibility of living international experiences created thanks to a network of collaborating partners: external teachers invited to give courses and master classes; academic exchanges between a wide network of prestigious foreign universities; collaborations through professional stages in internationally renowned architectural studios, which will allow the student to become familiar with methodologies from other realities in the working environment; and academic trips to cities of international scope that meet the triple A: good Architecture, good Academies of Architecture and good Architects.

Through the sum of international relationships that are generated throughout the courses, La Salle’s Architecture students are enriched with talent from multiple origins and, at the same time, reinforce the international positioning of La Salle School of Architecture.



We promote the strength of the University Campus through objectives and projects carried out transversally among students from the different areas of knowledge of La Salle, enhancing the work of the multidisciplinary team.

This learning of transversal work in multidisciplinary teams is nowadays a requirement of the profession: interdisciplinary and adapted to more transversal work methodologies.



At ETSALS, we provide personalized support to students in order to highlight their special characteristics and sensitivities. The coach architect or mentor follows up on the student and guarantees a good preparation for an increasingly heterogeneous professional context.

Through the Career Services, La Salle facilitates the incorporation of the student into the professional environment through an internship program in prestigious firms, during the first and second cycle.

The personalization of the degree is materialized through the Units, thematic units of semester specialization that guide each student through their own elective affinities during the second cycle.


  • CAMPUS UNIT: Transversal work with other Degrees of the Campus.
  • BARCELONA UNIT: City projects for the city.
  • INTERNATIONAL UNIT: International projects carried out in a foreign territory.
  • VISITING UNIT: A professor of recognized international prestige is the guest responsible for a Unit.
  • TECTONICS UNIT: We work on the art of construction in relation to the use of artistic design.
  • SUSTAINABLE UNIT: Architectural sustainability projects.
  • LAB UNIT: From design to 3D construction. New digital manufacturing techniques: More creative, optimal and sustainable.
  • BIG DATA UNIT: Creating the cities of the 21st century from information. Smart mobility, Zero Waste, Responsive City.
  • URBAN PLANNING UNIT: Quality, friendly and eco-responsible cities and territories, with Barcelona as a reference.

"Studying architecture is learning to look. Designing is discovering"

Josep Ferrando, Director of the ETSALS Higher Technical School of Architecture at La Salle Campus Barcelona

Degree in Architecture

Wise Lessons: Debate  between Miguel Milá and André Ricard

Josep Ferrando, dean of ETSALS, introduces us La Salle Campus Barcelona's Design Studio.

Professor Josep Ferrando explains what makes different the new Architecture of La Salle Campus Barcelona - URL.

First year studying the Degree in Architecture Studies: The experience of two international students

Architecture students from La Salle-URL working on projects for the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale at a workshop with RCR, winners of the Pritzker Architecture Prize.

Thomas Groner, Degree in Architecture Studies student

Degree students in architecture la salle

Students of degree in architecture the salle

Study architecture

I study architecture

Workshop USC SEU La Salle Shanghai

Workshop USC SEU La Salle Shanghai

Students in la sagrada familia

Students in la sagrada familia

Architecture la salle

La Salle Architecture classes


Joe Morris visits ETSALS | Architecture as a journey

Joe Morris visits ETSALS | Focusing on people

Joe Morris visits ETSALS | About talent

Joe Morris visits ETSALS | About transversality

Dr. Anne Lacaton, awarded Doctor Honoris Causa by the Ramon Llull University at the proposal of the La Salle Higher Technical School of Architecture, winner in 2021 of the Pritzker Prize, considered the main world architectural prize.

Dr. Anne Lacaton, awarded Doctor Honoris Causa by the Ramon Llull University at the proposal of the La Salle Higher Technical School of Architecture, winner in 2021 of the Pritzker Prize, considered the main world architectural prize.

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