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Network Management and Planning

The course revolves around a main theme, which is "next-generation data centers" or "3rd generation data centers", and all the networks and systems technology behind which are investing heavily all manufacturers and integrators.
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Previous Knowledge

Recommended: `Local Area Networks´ and `Interconnection of Data Networks´


In this course, the student comes into direct contact with companies and keeps updated on the most advanced technologies currently available.


Next-generation Data Centers
Companies Involved:
- HP
- Arista Networks
- VMWare
- Check Point
- MediaCloud (Grupo Imagina)
- Dimension Data
- Unitronics
- Telindus
- Orange


The methodology used in this course is based primarily on presentations from companies focused on the main theme described above. From these presentations, and all other information in other literature sources, each group of two students will have to create a "techno-blog" to develop their work.


This course assesses:
- The contents and evolution of the blog.
- The impact of their blogs (Google analytics)

Evaluation Criteria
Basic Bibliography

The presentations of the different speakers in class.

Additional Material

Additional literature will be provided by the speakers in each of their presentations.