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Electronic fundamentals

In this subject, the basic foundations of electronics and the techniques necessary for the analysis of circuits in the time domain are studied. The main active and passive components are studied, both in direct current and alternating current.
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Primer - Obligatoria

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Previous Knowledge

Not required


Students acquire the knowledge and develop the skills indicated below:
1. Learn the basic concepts of electronic circuit theory.
2. Learn the physical principle of semiconductors and logic families, as well as the main electronic devices.
3. Apply electronics to solve engineering problems.


1 Introduction to direct current
2 Linear circuit analysis theorems
3 Capacitors and Inductors
4 Introduction to alternating current
5 Analysis of linear circuits in AC
6 The junction diode


Master classes are given in which the theoretical contents of the subject are explained, which are complemented with related problems. In each theory topic, problems are proposed for students to do at home and deliver to the teacher so that he can carry out a continuous evaluation. In addition, some of these theoretical classes are dedicated to proposing problems for students to solve in class, with the aim of actively participating.
Laboratory practices are also carried out that complement the theoretical training with practical assemblies.


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