Degree in Animation and VFX

Become a professional in 3D computer generated imagery, including special effects and 3D artwork. The Degree in Animation at La Salle Campus Barcelona is the first official undergraduate degree program in Catalonia.

Sculpting, anatomy and digital tools

This course provides a foundation in anatomy, traditional sculpture and 3D modeling. The course shows an evolution in the representation of references and traditional procedures towards the definition of a representation of free creation, and fantastic elements, depending on criteria of each student. This course focuses on the construction process of the human figure in three dimensions using clay. This process, combined with different methods of observation, allows us to be aware of the proportions, movements and internal structure of the human body. Lately, the student will be able to reproduce the real space into a virtual environment, like professional digital artists, using digital media. This subject begins with a strong basis for drawing the space, understanding volume representation of a physical space, to be able to reproduce this physical space on a virtual reality.
Type Subject
Primer - Obligatoria

Titular Professors

Previous Knowledge

To identify the morphology of the bones and muscles.
To know the basics of the body’s movements, pieces, connexions and constructions.
To train the eye to be rigorous.
To learn the process of the construction of the human figure in three dimensions.
To learn, and master, technologies and concepts related to digital art.



Human figure modelling

Character modelling

Digital art

Evaluation Criteria
Basic Bibliography

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Additional Material