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Degree in Health Engineering

Lead the technological advances that will define the medicine of the future.

Biomedical sensors

Biomedical sensors are those electronic devices capable of measuring relevant magnitudes about the health status of a patient. Due to the latest advances in manufacturing technology and materials science, sensors play a key role in all aspects of medicine and care, such as prevention, diagnosis, monitoring and treatment. This subject, therefore, is aimed at knowledge of the different types of biomedical sensors and signal conditioning techniques.
Type Subject
Tercer - Obligatoria
Previous Knowledge

It is recommended to have prior knowledge of analog electronics.


Students acquire the knowledge and develop the skills indicated below:
1. Learn about the latest technologies in biomedical sensors .
2. Design analog and digital electronic circuits for sensors and medical instrumentation.
3. Implement technological solutions related to medical sensors .


1. Introduction to a measurement system with sensors.
2. Measurement of basic magnitudes.
3. Biomedical sensors.
4. Practical case: implementation of a complete instrumentation system.


The methodology used is based on a model that combines master classes (theoretical), practical classes and laboratory practices. During the master sessions, students will receive explanations about the theoretical bases of the proposed contents. In the practical classes, problems and exercises will be posed to understand the theoretical bases and understand their applicability. In the laboratory classes, students will be able to carry out their practical case throughout the semester.


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Evaluation Criteria

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Additional Material

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