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Mobile Devices Programming

The main goal of the course is to give a first approach to mobile device programming based on iOS. Discover all the elements involved in the process of an app development, the programming language used, the most used pro-level frameworks, the development tools, the pro techniques used by the leading companies in the market, the design and conceptualization of UI/UX in apps and the distribution and management of these apps into the markets. As an extra topic, we are introducing hybrid apps in Flutter and its advantages and disadvantages versus the alternatives.
Type Subject
Tercer - Obligatoria

Titular Professors

Previous Knowledge

Learning Outcomes of this subject are:
RA.01 - Build computer applications based on client / server and web architectures. (GI)
RA.02 - Necessary and basic knowledge for the use of design patterns. (GI)
RA.03 - Knowledge for programming applications with access to databases. (GI)
RA.04 - Knowledge of usability and human-machine interaction for the practice of user-centered design. (TG)


This course is structured in five (5) different blocks with a continuity and dependence among them;
Introduction to Swift programming;
Introduction to Cocoa Touch;
Introduction to iOS SDK;
Advanced and professional mobile development tools and techniques;
Introduction to hybrid apps development with Flutter;


The subject is structured in 14 face-to-face sessions of lectures / laboratory of 3 hours per session.
- 14 three-hour sessions.
- 11 hours of master classes.
- Hand-on labs.
- Small projects in class (individual)
- Two (2) small projects as a home-based task (individual).
- A final project (groups of two people).


The final grade for this course will be computed with the following formula;
GradeFinal = 40% * Σ(GradeExercices) + 60% * GradeProject
It is mandatory to deliver and pass all the exercices and final project in order to apply this formula. Otherwise, the
Student will fail the course.

Evaluation Criteria
Basic Bibliography

Apple, Inc. (2019). Swift Resources - Apple Developer. [online]
Available at: [Accessed 11 Sep. 2019].

Additional Material