Degree in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Lead the transformation of companies through the use and analysis of data.


The challenge and goal of this class is to help the students to find the perfect job at this step of their life and to establish a short term, midterm and long-term professional project. The career passport is going to be the main axe of this class and we will work on the following structure which is exactly the same than a Career coaching /outplacement one. 1 Analysis 2 Motivation factors for the job research process 3 Marketing tools: cv, networking strategy, linkedin profile, 2 mnts presentation 4 Job research strategy 5 Integration process This course is completed by individual sessions: 1 individual evaluation session based in your internship experience analysis. 1 hour first semester focused on defining confidentially your own project. 1 hour second semester for a follow up of your action plan
Type Subject
Tercer - Obligatoria
Previous Knowledge

This course seeks to assist you in:
- Developing a career management project and find the best first position/Master

On the completion of this course students will be able to:
- Define their motivation factors and their sales arguments
- Have a global vision about the national and international job market
- Job positions knowledge
- Be the best as a candidate in a real situation
- Have the tools they need to reach their professional goal
- Be able to negotiate the best salary
- Define a real strategy matching with your goals
- Find a job in the post covid period


Teamwork activities, assignments and exercises; individual and group presentations; in class activities, roleplays, exercises and discussions.
The final exam will be a real presentation of your professional project in a job interview role play to companies’ managers and HR Managers.


20% internship certificate + internship report + oral & individual presentation.
15% Midterm exam first semester
20% final exam first semester (mandatory, in case not to be attended the class will be failed)
30 % final exam second semester (mandatory, in case not to be attended the class will be failed)
15 % my personal evaluation

Evaluation Criteria
Basic Bibliography

Only articles focusing on career management, industry and markets

Additional Material