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Thought and Creativity I

In the first course of the subject Thought and Creativity the student will be introduced to some of the most important ethical theories and he will learn to analyze current problems and dilemmas from different moral criteria.
Type Subject
Primer - Obligatoria

Titular Professors

Previous Knowledge

The Learning objectives of this subject are:

Ability to define basic concepts

Assuming the social and ethical responsibility of the profession.

Having interest and resources for creativity and innovation.

Ability to create culture in the company and corporate responsibility


1. General introduction
2. Where are we: Technoscience era
3. Introduction to ethics
4. Utilitarianism
5. Libertarianism
6. Deontologism
7. Egalitarianism


Thought and Creativity I will combine lectures with case studies and lessons on problems.
The theory will be connected to current issues related to the students' experiences.
Dialogue and group reflection on issues addressed in class will be encouraged.
The student will have to take notes and read some texts at home to make it possible to reflect on case-studies in class (just-in-time teaching).


The subject Thought and Creativity will follow a continuous evaluation:

• Exams: 40% of the mark (face-to-face exams)

• Exercises: 45% of the mark (online questionnaires, writing activities via eStudy)

• Attendance, attitude and participation: 15% of the mark

Evaluation Criteria
Basic Bibliography
Additional Material

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