Master of Science in Building Construction Management: Sustainability and Efficiency

Become a qualified professional in architectural and urban design specialised in sustainability strategic criteria and be the key to the improvement of land modification

Nid: 1512







  • Jesús Amengual, Building Engineer at SGA Office
  • Pere Ponsatí, Architect and Urban Planner at AMB (Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona)
  • Fidela Frutos, Architect at Frutos+Sanmartín
  • Cynthia Echave, Director of R+D Projects in Urban Planning and Urban Ecology
  • Josep Maria Torrens, Architect and Head of Plans and Programs of the Subdirecció General d'Avaluació Ambiental de la Generalitat de Catalunya
  • Oriol Paris Viviana, doctor architect, partner of Argamasa and professor at ETSAB -UPC
  • Valentina Maini, architect specialized in biomaterials
  • Soledad Ibáñez, Architect and Energy Efficiency in Buildings Researcher at IREC
  • Enric Lacasta, engineer, professor and solar thermal energy consultant
  • Maria Valle, Industrial Engineer and Project Manager in the Housing Agency of Catalonia
  • Amaya Arizmendi, Architect, installation and energy management consultant, and founding partner of Arizmendi Arquitectes
  • Angel Carrera, energy systems consultant in Aiguasol
  • María Peralta, engineer and partner at ECOPENTA, energy consulting firm
  • Julia Chabrera, architect, technical director of ECOPENTA, energy consulting firm
  • Jaume Alsina Alsina, Project and Facility manager of the heritage buildings of Fundació La Caixa in the facility department of COMSA service
  • David Piera, engineer and coach