1. Lasallian university tutoring 2. Tutor goals 3. Tutor duties 4. Tutoring Abilities and knowledge 5. Tutor-student assignment

1. Lasallian University Tutoring

The Lasallian university tutoring is a teaching action offered to the students whose objective is to promote and facilitate the integral development of students in the intellectual, affective, personal and social aspects according to the Lasallian values.

2. Tutor Goals

Tutors in La Salle URL Masters, which is the same person in charge of the training program, must escort the student throughout his training, advise him academically, and maximize his learning.

3. Tutor Duties

The Degree Tutor performs the following tasks: 

  • Present the student formally during the first fifteen days of the academic year. The tutors who are assigned the tutoring of all the students of a class make the presentation in the classroom. The rest of the tutors can be presented by a welcome email.
  • Obtain the collaboration of the teachers to detect relevant facts that may affect the student's motivation such as lack of class attendance, illness, poor attitudes, lack of motivation, etc.
  • Attend mandatory evaluation meetings to address the particular cases of their students.
  • Guide the student during the enrolment process to make an appropriate choice of subjects, should he need it.
  • Collaborate in the election of student clerks (class and qualification) with CELS (La Salle Student Council). Page 2 of 2.
  • Inform the teachers about anything that may affect the student's attendance and performance in class, as well as the learning outcomes.
  • Be aware of the student’s complaints, and suggestions regarding the training program, services and infrastructures. These contributions should be channelled through the managers of the training programs.
  • Inform the director of the SAD (Student Accompaniment Department) in the event of any serious situation with any student.
  • Participate in the team meetings of educational tutors, which are coordinated by the head of the DAE educational field.

4. Tutor habilities and knowledge

La Salle URL Tutor need to perform the following tasks and meet these requirements:

  • Clear vocation of educator.
  • Guide the student.
  • Alignment with Lasallian values.
  • Encourage and motivate your students.
  • Empathic, understanding and patient.

It is necessary to know the following aspects to be a La Salle URL tutor:

  • Training programs: degrees, university masters, professional masters, doctorate, postgraduate courses, short courses, mobility programs, external training, internal training and reinforcement, validity of curricula...
  • Regulations: academic, permanence, incompatibilities, examinations, external practices, End-of-Grade and Master's Work, bridges, disciplinary...
  • General services of the Campus: library, publications, fitness and sports club, job board, La Salle Alumni, scholarships, departmental collaborations, information systems, allegation procedures, students’ complaints and suggestions...