How to start the admission process

On our online platform and fill the required details.

Documentation to be attached (scanned):

  • Photocopy of the Passport or National Identity Document.
  • Copy of the university degree (compulsory in university masters). If you have not completed your university studies at the time of completing the Admissions process, you must attach your university file.
  • Include CV if you want to expand the information.

If the admissions committee deems it necessary, we will call you for a personal interview on campus or online.

In a maximum period of 8 days, after the submission of all required documentation, you will receive the official response to your request by email. In case of being accepted, we will provide all the necessary information to formalize your reservation.

Right of withdrawal 

The contract for the provision of training services regulated in these General Conditions shall be deemed to have been concluded on the date on which the reservation of the place is formalized or, if no such reservation is made, on the date on which the enrolment is formalized. 

The candidate will have a period of fourteen (14) calendar days from the conclusion of the service provision contract to withdraw from it without penalty, provided that the academic program in which he/she has enrolled has not begun, in which case the amount to be reimbursed will be discounted from the amount corresponding to the days that the program has been taught. 

Candidates who wish to communicate their withdrawal must do so in writing, within the aforementioned period, unequivocally stating their wish to withdraw by sending the withdrawal form, addressed to the attention of FUNDACIÓ PRIVADA UNIVERSITAT I TECNOLOGIA (FUNITEC), C/ Sant Joan de La Salle, nº 42, 08022 Barcelona, or by email to

Once the right of withdrawal has been exercised correctly by the candidate, the amounts paid will be reimbursed with the right to a refund by bank transfer, within a maximum period of thirty (30) calendar days from receipt of the withdrawal form. 

To formalize the reservation of a place in a master's degree, the candidate must pay €1000 (if the master's or postgraduate degree is on-site or online). Reservations of places are made in strict order of payments reception until the established limit of places is covered.

Acceptance to the program DOES NOT IMPLY the automatic reservation of the place.

The reservation means a part of the total amount of the Master. When the payment is normalized, the University will charge you the rest of the amount. Once the place reservation has been formalized, the candidate will receive the “Pre-registration document” via e-mail indicating the instructions and the amount pending payment if any.

Students who decide to change the start of their course and, therefore, change the call, the student must pay an amount of € 200 for management fees and request for a new registration.

Once the payment has been received, the change of start of course will be formalized. The maximum term to make the payment is a maximum of 15 calendar days after the written notification. If it is not received, the registration fee will be processed, and the paid place reservation will be lost.

Candidates who wish to cancel their enrolment after the cancellation period must apply for cancellation within ninety (90) days before the start of the program. In this case, the student may request a refund of the amounts paid, with the exception of the place reservation fee. 

The claim for any financial refund outside the withdrawal period must be made within thirty (30) days, otherwise, no refund of any of the amounts paid or the reservation of the place will be made. 

La Salle will only refund the seat reservation in the following cases:

  - Visa denial: the reservation of the place will be reimbursed, except for € 300 for administrative expenses. The presentation of supporting documentation is required.

  - If the course is canceled.

On-Site Programs

Business & Management
  • MBA Full Time: 26.650 €
  • Master of Science in Supply Chain Management & Technology: 11.460 €
  • Master of Science in Marketing and Social Media Management 10.440 €
  • Postgraduate in Digital Marketing: 5.400 €
  • Master in eCommerce and Digital Marketing: 9.200 €
  • Postgradaute in eCommerce: 5.100 €
  • Master in SAP Functional Consulting: 13.500 €
  • Master of Science in Project Management: 13.380 €
  • Master of Science in Technology Management and Digital Innovation: 10.380 €
  • Master in Agile Methods: 9.660 €
  • Postgraduate in Agile Methods 5.800 €
  • Master in eHealth: Information Technology and Healthcare Management 8.160 €
ICT Engineering and Computer Science
  • Master of Science in Big Data: 11.160 €
  • Master of Science in Data Science: 14.040 €
  • Master in Software Development and Architecture: 8.340 €
  • Master in Cybersecurity: 8.820 €
  • Master of Science in Telecommunication Engineering: 13.950 €
Architecture and Construction
  • Master of Science in Architecture: 10.380 €
  • Master in Integrated Architectural Design: 11.460 €
  • Master of Science in Building Construction Management: Sustainability and Efficiency: 12.780 €
  • Postgraduate in Environmental Architecture and Sustainable Urban Planning: 4.560 €
  • Postgraduate in Energy Efficiency: 4.560 €
  • Master of Science in Building Construction Management: Interior Design: 12.870 €
  • Postgraduate in Interior Architecture. Private Spaces: 4.500 €
  • Postgraduate in Interior Architecture. Public and Private Spaces: 4.500 €
  • Master of Science in Building Construction Management: Rehabilitation and Restoration: 10.080 €
  • Postgraduate in Rehabilitation, Diagnosis and Intervention Technologies: 3.600 €
  • Postgraduate in Architectural Restoration: 3.600 €
  • Master of Science in Building Construction Management: Design and Structural Calculations: 9.090 €
  • Postgraduate in Analysis and Design of Building Structures: 3.450 €
  • Postgraduate in Frameworks and Models in Building Engineering Systems: 3.450 €
  • Master in BIM Management: 9.720 €
  • Postgraduate in BIM Management: 5.650 €
  • Postgraduate in BIM Production: 5.550 €
Digital Arts and Animation
  • Master of Science in Digital Arts and Creative Technologies: 11.820 €
  • Master in Fiction Virtual Production with Unreal 14.900 €
Philosophy and Humanities
  • Master of Science in Philosophy and Contemporary Debates on Arts and Technology: 5.160 €

Online Programs

Business & Management
  • Online Master of Science in Supply Chain Management and Technology (Guided): 7.620 €
  • Online Master of Science in Supply Chain Management and Technology (Self-Driven): 7.620 €
  • Online Master of Science in Digital Marketing and Social Media Management: 8.520 €
  • Postgraduate in Digital Marketing: 4.700 €
  • Online Master of Science in Technology Management and Digital Innovation: 7.920 €
  • Online Master in SAP Functional Consulting: 11.940 €
  • Online Master of Science in Project Management: 9.840 €
  • Online Master in eHealth: Information Technology and Healthcare Management: 6.480 €
  • Master of Science in Cybersecurity Management (Blended): 8.520 €*
ICT Engineering and Computer Science
  • Online Master of Science in Data Science: 9.360 €
  • Master in Architectural and Environmental Acoustics (Blended): 7.980 €
  • Postgraduate in Architectural Acoustics: 4.380 €
  • Postgraduate in Environmental Acoustics: 4.380 €
  • Master in User Experience (Blended): 8.520 €
Architecture and Construction
  • Online Master in BIM Management: 6.900 €
  • Online Postgraduate in BIM Management: 4.380 €
  • Online Postgraduate in BIM Production: 4.380 €

Admissions Department
Sant Joan de La Salle, 42
08022 Barcelona
Tel: +34 93 290 24 19