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Degree in Health Engineering

Lead the technological advances that will define the medicine of the future.


This subject covers everything related to the management and storage of structured data. It includes everything from how a database is designed through its implementation and use to filter and/or order and/or store information optimally, emphasizing applications for health engineering.
Type Subject
Tercer - Obligatoria
Previous Knowledge

There are no prerequisites.


Students acquire the knowledge and develop the skills indicated below:
1. Necessary concepts for the design and administration of relational databases are obtained.
2. Learn to design a database using different models.
3. Learn how to implement a database.
4. Know how to save and how to extract information from a database.
5. Know the tools to perform advanced queries and operations.
6. Know the Organic Law on Data Protection at the level of databases.


1. Introduction to Databases.
2. Conceptual model.
3. Relational model.
4. Physical model.
5. Advanced SQL.
6. Data control language.
7. Stored procedures .
8. Triggers and events.
9. NoSQL Systems.
10. Security and SQL Injection


The subject bases learning on the following teaching methodologies:
- Theoretical classes.
- Problem classes and exercises.
- Laboratory practices.
- Flipped classroom .
-Peer instruction .


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Evaluation Criteria

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Basic Bibliography

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Additional Material

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