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Mathematical analysis I

In this subject, the student is introduced to the basic topics of mathematical analysis that any engineering student requires to understand the concepts of the degree, focusing on the field of differential and integral calculus of a single variable. The aim is for the student to not only be left with the definitions and theoretical demonstrations, but also to know how to apply this knowledge in solving problems.
Type Subject
Primer - Obligatoria
Previous Knowledge

Trigonometry, basic functions and derivation.


Students who take this subject acquire the knowledge and develop the skills indicated below:
1. Achieve basic concepts of analysis of real functions of real variables and their applications.
2. Achieve skills in calculating limits, studying functions, calculating integrals and solving convergence problems in general.
3. Understand and relate results and basic demonstrations.
4. Ability to analyze and synthesize when faced with a problem.
5. Ability to solve problems using relevant mathematical tools in the world of engineering.
6. Know how to use analytical and numerical tools to analyze real functions of a variable, for their application in scientific and technical issues.


1. The numbers.
2. Features.
3. Derivability.
4. Study and representation of functions.
5. The Riemann integral.
6. Calculation of primitives.
7. Applications of integral calculus.
8. Numerical sequences.
9. Numerical series.
10. Functional series.
11. Differential equations.


The methodology used in this subject separates classes into two types: theoretical classes, and sessions dedicated to the exercise of the knowledge acquired in theoretical classes.


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Evaluation Criteria

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Basic Bibliography

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Additional Material

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