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Video Game Productions

In this subject the students will learn and execute all the videogame creating process, with the final goal of creating one.
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Previous Knowledge

While no specific knowledge is required, any previously studied game-related subjects will be very useful


Ideation of a videogame

Creation of a GDD

Working role definition inside the team

Complete development of a videogame

Presentation and publication (optional) of the created videogame.


Creation of a GDD.

Know how to make prototypes of ideas.

Definitions of roles with the intention of developling a videogame.

Prediction of tasks and development of these.

Videogame coding.

Creation or gathering of art, corresponding to the needs of the videogame.


During all the year the students will work to have a finished videogame at the end of the course. To make that possible, they will learn the methods of creating and managing the development of a videogame. The goal is to work in an enviroment as similar as a professional one.


The final evaluation will be based on the whole process of the videogame creation, and the final result.

Evaluation Criteria

First semester (30%)

GDD + Prototype: 15% (10% GDD + 5% Prototype)

Alpha + Pitch: 15% (10% Pitch + 5% Alpha)

Second Semester (70%)

Beta: 15%

Final project: 55% (25% final game + 15% presentation + 15% promotion / merch)

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