Degree in International Computer Engineering La Salle Campus Barcelona

Degree in International Computer Engineering

La Salle Degree s in Computer Engineering, is the only Degree program in Barcelona which equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to meet the new international demands of the computer engineering sector and of the global business world.


The course aims to give students a taste, while learning, by means of activities carried out in the context of a company or organization. Likewise, the subject programs a whole set of training activities to bring the work reality closer to the students, at the same time as it tries to promote a whole series of elements (CV preparation; how to do an interview; ...).
Type Subject
Tercer - Obligatoria
Previous Knowledge

The subject can take different forms depending on the field of work and therefore a basic generic training is needed in the areas associated with the area of study, to allow him to carry out his learning in the format of internships carried out in the context of a company or organization.


The main objective is to taste in a real work environment different kind of activities, while starting to use the knowledge and skills that students have already acquired. In summary, the subject will help, among others, to:

1. Know the real work environment.
2. Develop the capacity for analysis and synthesis.
3. Develop the ability to organize and plan.
4. Development of relational activities. Oral and written communication.
5. Acquire general knowledge of the area of study where the internships are carried out.
6. Work as a team in a real environment.
7. Apply knowledge to practice.
8. Generate new ideas (creativity).
9. Internalize and develop new knowledge and skills.


1. Activities carried out in the business environment: the specific knowledge and skills acquired and developed will depend in some way on the business environment where the internships are carried out. However, and the internships are carried out in any field, the development of the elements listed in the section where the objectives of the subject are presented will be achieved.

2. Seminars to develop knowledge and skills associated with the field of the subject.


The subject is essentially based on personal work. A whole series of tasks are performed:

1. Activities carried out in a company or organization, in the form of internships.

2. Personalized tutorials: Meetings with those responsible for the subject to clarify doubts and overcome possible obstacles.

3. Seminars, presentations, and debates: spaces for presentation and discussion where students are guided.


1. Evaluation carried out by the company where the internships have taken place.

2. Participation of students in training activities in the form of seminars and presentations.

Evaluation Criteria

The activities carried out will allow to weigh so much of the valuation done from the company or organization where have done the internship, with the participation of the students in the series of formative activities in form of seminars and presentations.

Basic Bibliography

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Additional Material

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