Degree in Telematics (Networks and Internet Technologies)

Degree in Telematics (Networks and Internet Technologies)

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Computer Architecture

This subject has the goal of letting the student know the fundamentals of the internal architecture of a computer. Within this scope, the student will see several techniques used to improve the performance of single processor systems and multiprocessor systems. The student will see the mechanisms that allows the design of different components of a processor.
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Previous Knowledge

RA.01 - Fundamentals, structure, architecture and computer technology. (GI)
RA.02 - Know the techniques used in parallel architectures, multiprocessors, multicomputers and high performance computing. (GI)


1. Introduction
3. Memory system
4. Interconnection system
5. Multiprocessor systems


The lectures of the computer architecture subject aim to strengthen the technical knowledge of the design of computational systems, as well as the critical thinking of the student. The student will be introduced in the research area of the computer architecture.

This subject combines lessons from the teacher with discussions in the classroom. The teacher will propose topics (or articles to read) and the student will need to prepare them to be able to have a constructive debate.


The evaluation of the student will be as follows:

Written articles (80%) and oral expositions and class participation (20%).

If a copy (from another student or any other type of plagiarism) in some of the exercises is detected, the student(s) involved (both the one who does the copy and the one being copied from) will fail the subject and will lose the right to be evaluated in the next evaluation call. This fact will be reflected in the academic record of the student as a 0.

The retake (if needed) will be done by means of an exam during the assigned time for retakes.

Evaluation Criteria
Basic Bibliography

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