Degree in Digital Arts - Minor in Concept Art

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The subject introduces the student to the experience of a professional filming, from the pre-production to the production of the prepared work. All factors affecting a shooting that include VFX and digital elements are taken into account.
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Previous Knowledge

• Understand the basic processes of a shoot.
• Learn the roles for a shoot.
• Know the methodologies of planning a shoot.
• Learn the basic knowledge of lighting
• Learn how to trace scenarios and characters for the later work of integrating digital elements.
• Achieve basic notions of cinematographic planning and direction of actors.
• Learn basic notions of production.
• Real practice of filming with actors
• Understand the preparation and shooting methodology for the subsequent integration of VFX and digital elements.
• Obtain an audiovisual piece prepared for later post-production work and inclusion of digital elements such as 3D characters, vfx, etc.
• Know the internal functioning of a VFX company, as well as its departments and
• Know the work and responsibilities of the VFX supervisor in this structure, above all
during filming.
• Know how to design a shooting strategy so that the capture of the images is optimal
for the subsequent post production.
• Screens of chroma (greenscreens). Use, operation and practical application in filming.
• Track brands.
• Know all the filming elements that play for and against the correct post
• Subsequent production of the material within the VFX study.


Presentation of the subject

Cinematographic direction

Direction of photography

VFX shooting

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