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Project management

This subject covers the basic concepts of Project Management, establishing a common framework applicable to any project in any sector with an specify focus into the Film industry. The subject contents are focused on three main project objectives – Scope, Time and Cost –, which are the key issues of any project. The course provides students with an overview of the Project Management profession and the basic tools and techniques for defining and planning projects.
Type Subject
Previous Knowledge

To understand the basic concepts of Project Management
To understand the role of Project Managers
To define projects and to understand their impact into the film business industry
To use a set of tools and techniques applicable at the planning stages of the project
To enable students to define and plan a simple project
To understand a project's triple constraint: Scope, Time and Cost


Topic 1

Welcome and Introduction to the course
Introduction to Project Management
a. Project life cycle
b. The role of the Project Manager

Topic 2

Project initiation & planning
a. Project initiation
- Overview
- Project requirements
- Project objectives
- Business case and Investments needs
b. Project planning
- The project management plan
- Scope management plan
- Time management plan
- Cost management plan
- Subsidiary management plans (Resources, Stakeholders, Quality and Risk
management plan)

Topic 3

Leadership skills and Team Management
a. Managing teamwork: motivation, delegation and professional development
b. Managing relationships: conflict management and negotiation skills
c. Communication skills
Theory development, Discussions, Workshops and Tests.

Evaluation Criteria
Basic Bibliography

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Additional Material