Master of Science in Philosophy and Contemporary Debates on Arts and Technology la salle campus barcelona

Master of Science in Philosophy and Contemporary Debates on Arts and Technology

Be a Contemporary Thinker: An oasis of reflection and freedom to think about today's world.

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Career Opportunities
  1. Academic Research: become an academic and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in philosophy and related disciplines. 
  2. Philosophical Consulting: apply philosophical thinking to advise on ethical, social and cultural issues in business, governmental, and social settings.
  3. Cultural Management: working in cultural institutions, museums or galleries, applying philosophy to understand and contextualize artistic and technological expressions.
  4. Communication and Media: become a critical and analytical thinker, bringing philosophical perspectives in media, writing and journalism.
  5. Corporate Social Responsability (CSR): collaborate with companies to develop ethical and sustainable strategies, considering social responsability and ethical values. 
  6. Teaching: teaching philosophy and humanities in educational institutions, from secondary to university levels.
  7. Development of Public Policies: contribute to the design and analysis of public policies from a philosophical perspective, considering ethical and social aspects. 
  8. Applied Research: collaborate on applied research projects that address contemporary challenges from a philosophical perspective.
  9. Management of Cultural and Artistic Projects: lead cultural and artistic initiatives, applying philosophy to enrich the understanding and appreciation of these expressions in society.