26 September 2018

La Salle-URL and the Association REHABIMED sign a collaboration agreement to work together on training in the field of rehabilitation and restoration

Josep M. Santos, director of La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL, and Xavier Casanovas, President of Rehabimed, have signed an agreement to offer specific training in the field of rehabilitation and restoration as part of existing programmes at La Salle-URL. Also present at the event will be Enric Peña, director of the Master's in Architecture at La Salle-URL, Joan Olona (coordinator of the programme) and Montse Villaverde, members of Rehabimed.

RehabiMed is an association made up by experts from all Mediterranean countries, which promotes sustainable rehabilitation and the social and economic revitalisation of historical centres in the Mediterranean, projecting its experience across other continents. Their methodology of intervention, which is renowned worldwide, believes in the preservation of heritage as a major factor in sustainable development, one that is able to improve people’s living conditions, generate economic activity and protect the environment. All this while strengthening the local identity and fostering dialogue between cultures and across generations.

Many experts in Rehabilitation and Restoration who work with Rehabimed are already part of the La Salle-URL faculty of lecturers. With this agreement, Rehabimed further reinforces its objective of becoming an active agent and participant in promoting members the educational activities, carried out by La Salle-URL, among its members and the public at large. To this end, they intend to incorporate technologies from research and assist in the implementation of innovative methodologies that can improve the competitiveness of the Association and the university.

REHABIMED will collaborate actively in the programmes and activities at La Salle-URL, initially in our Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation and Restoration, more specifically in the Restoration Postgraduate, where it will participate in the elaboration of contents, pedagogical methodology and the contribution of relevant teaching staff to offer this Postgraduate course.

Architecture students from La Salle-URL, both Undergraduate and Master’s and Postgraduate Degrees, will be able to benefit from this agreement through projects where they can take concepts studied in theory and putting them into practice.

From left to right: Joan Olona, Xavier Casanovas, Josep M. Santos, Montse Villaverde and Enric Peña during the signing of the agreement

Xavier Casanovas and Josep M. Santos