Master in Fiction Virtual Production in Unreal

Nid: 26442

At La Salle Campus Barcelona we base our training on finding solutions to real challenges with our own “LEARNING BY CHALLENGE” methodology.

The master's degree is presented from a double perspective. One part is dedicated to knowledge of the fiction industry and its pre-production, production and post-production processes in a film project, with theoretical and practical content, contemplating techniques and tools for content creation, development of ideas and analysis and case studies. .

The other part, the introduction to Unreal Engine, focused on the creation and manipulation of virtual scenarios and augmented realities. This module includes practices in virtual environment design, animation, and visual effects, as well as integration of digital elements in real filming.

Throughout the program, the work of applying the general knowledge received in class to the team project itself will be tutored throughout the course. In addition, a tutor/show runner will also be assigned who will coordinate the different parts of each project and guide the team during the filming preparation and planning process.

The program will be carried out at the IASlab, Interactive Arts & Science Laboratory, located on the La Salle Campus Barcelona, ​​a key point in the development of the master's degree due to its cutting-edge facilities and equipment, leading in the audiovisual and technological sector.