Master in Fiction Virtual Production in Unreal

Nid: 26442

Incoming profile

Profiles related to cinema and television, photography, art, video jockeys, animation, and virtual and augmented reality.

Recent graduates in audiovisual communication, multimedia engineering, design, interactive product creation, audiovisual engineering, and architecture.

The admission procedure includes a curriculum vitae and a letter of motivation.

At the discretion of the Admissions Committee, graduates may be considered for admission with other official university degrees, if they have full professional experience, a complete curriculum vitae, and a letter of motivation.

Therefore, equivalent qualifications awarded by institutions belonging to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) or from other countries with recognition agreements with the EHEA educational system will be accepted, if they have both the corresponding authorisation from the respective universities of origin and demonstrate a level of education equivalent to that of the master's programme.

It is important to stress that admission in this way does not in any way imply the validation of the diploma previously obtained by the applicant, nor does it imply its recognition for purposes other than that of following this master.