Master in Fiction Virtual Production in Unreal

Official name
Master of Lifelong Learning in Fiction Virtual Production
Degree certificate issued by La Salle
Modality Blended
Duration 1 Year
Language Spanish
Places available 30
Credits 60-ECTS
Start Date October 2024
Schedule Friday from 19h to 22h and Saturday from 10h to 14h. Online Tuesday and Thursday from 19h to 21h
Location Barcelona

*A full week of intensive training is planned in Barcelona in May for the filming on the set.

The Master in Virtual Production for Fiction was born out of the need to train the new professional roles that the fiction production industry is currently demanding. A proposal taught with Gestmusic and Magic Fennec, leaders in audiovisual and virtual production.

The programme offers the opportunity to study the industry and the processes involved in the creation of films and series, while at the same time learning the most advanced techniques and tools of virtual production, using Unreal Engine as the cornerstone of this process.

By immersing yourself in the use of Unreal Engine 5, you will learn to implement realistic and dynamic virtual environments, creating scenes and characters that interact naturally with lighting and physical effects, all in real time. This technical part focuses on practical and theoretical training in the management of cutting-edge technologies for the creation of interactive digital content and the integration of CGI elements with live action, preparing professionals to manage the virtual production projects demanded by today's industry. From (1) previsualisation and (2) conceptualisation to (3) post-production.

This Master not only equips you with advanced technical knowledge and skills in virtual production, but also prepares you to be an innovator in the field of fiction, capable of carrying out complex and creative projects that make a difference in the audiovisual industry.

The programme will take place in the 'IASlab', a new project that will transform the 'La Salle University Campus', which aims to become an audiovisual attraction in Europe thanks to its state-of-the-art technological facilities and equipment.

Another fundamental pilar of the programme will be the involvement of relevant companies from different sectors of the national industry, which will provide highly qualified and specialised knowledge and experience, as well as the possibility of building a network of professional contacts.