RE-DWELL Conference: Sustainable living, affordable homes

Thursday, 16 May, 2024 - 09:00

The escalating shortage of affordable housing has evolved into a societal issue affecting substantial portions of the population in many countries around the world and is now considered a global challenge. As a consequence, households find themselves compelled to allocate an increasing portion of their income to cover the expenses associated with housing. To reflect on and analyze this and many other questions, on May 16 and 17 La Salle Campus Barcelona hosts the 'RE-DWELL Conference: Sustainable living, affordable homes', a serie of conferences that aim to show the work done by the network and engage with external participants from academia, politics and practice.

The conference will provide a debate space to discuss current issues and future visions on the social challenge of providing sustainable and affordable housing in Europe. Among the participants we find architects, urban planners, engineers, economists, sociologists, policy makers, housing associations, housing cooperatives, construction companies, local authorities, private investors, among others.