Expert professionals analyse the needs and business objectives and design the most appropriate training actions. The formative itineraries, contents and formats are adapted and implemented through the most effective learning methods.

Why La Salle Campus?

Because we offer integral, differential and tailor-made training solutions and we have:

  • Expert trainers Body.
  • Methodologies of active learning.
  • Flexibility. Face-to-face, online and blended format.
  • More than 20 years of experience.

How do we work?

We identify the real needs of the company to design a training program that impacts on the acquisition of knowledge and development of competencies. The methodology is divided into the following phases:

  • Needs Identification. Our training experts (program managers and thematic specialists) work closely and rigorously with the company to identify the needs or problems to be solved.
  • Design. Once the needs are established with the company, a preliminary design to contemplate the context, the contents, a temporary planning, a work method and the most suitable trainers is proposed. The design is revised until it meets the client's goals and expectations.
  • Production. With the design proposal accepted by the company, all training materials, activities and the virtual campus are produced and customized. Again, we work together with the client to adapt the exercises and role-plays to real situations and problems of the company.
  • Execution. The agreed training action is imparted and to have a greater impact, it is customary to propose individual or group activities prior to the training sessions. It is also possible to arrange follow-up actions after the training action.
  • Evaluation and closure. The formative action is subjected, from the beginning to the end, to strict evaluation processes to guarantee its success. At the end of all training activities, a report is presented and discussed with the client company as a program closure.
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Alberto Trallero, Senior HR Business Partner & Strategic HR Projects

The experience with La Salle has been highly positive. From the first moment, there was a great symbiosis in terms of detecting the need and deciding on the most appropriate Program and the format to carry it out. The accompaniment of the students, the contents and everything we have been able to receive from the school has been very positive. And most importantly, it now allows us to develop proposals that are more tailored to our needs for the future

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Mari Pau Gomez, Talent Management Director

The in-company training program was a complete success for the participants. We had personalized attention that helped us adapt the program to the problems of our company, the assigned teacher was an experienced professional who knew the academic part and also the application of these concepts in our day to day. We were able to hold the classes on La Salle’s campus, and also invite colleagues from outside Spain, because the program was conducted in Spanish and English. Good academic level, but above all great flexibility on the part of the school in understanding our needs.

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Towa Pharmaceutical

PROJECT MANAGEMENT (basado en el marco del PMBOK)

Marcos Serra, Plant Operational Excellence Manager

The dedication of the team at La Salle is total and a differential factor. From the first minute they adapt to the needs of the company, defining excellently the training framework, along with a professor with great experience, useful materials, sessions that combine theory and practice together with the real projects that the team is managing and internal processes. I undubitably will count on La Salle for any future needs.

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Marta Alvarez¸ Innovation Talent Programme Project Manager

It has completely matched expectations.The taught concepts have been carefully selected and adapted to the programme framework. The quality of materials and professor's knowledge are excelents, and above all, the way in which complex and dense concepts were explained actively and simply.

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Josep Molina Chief IT Manager

The experience has been highly positive, the bond created with La Salle has allowed us to repeat this course whenever our company has needed training for incoming project managers. The flexibility of being able to take place "in-company", the affability of professors and contents have been key components.

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Caixa d'enginyers


Eva Encabo PMO & SIT Manager IT Area

A course where practice and student participation is the key, to its development, allowing to reflect and to develop a critical version that doesn't only contributes to knowledge, but to their interiorization and improvement of essential managerial aspects such as teamwork and actilve comprehension.

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Anabel Sotodosos, Marketing Director

Through this training we have been able to align all the Department, as well as getting an insight into the actual situation and integrate processes and methods to the digital strategy and marketing plan. All contents were adapted to our company and stakeholders. We are sure that it has been a key element to have a headstart in this area.

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Eduardo Diaz, IT Governance Director & DPO

Both online and face-to-face format, have been dynamic and practical. All enriched with the professor's real-life experience. Additionally, concepts are seen in depth. Leaving behing the traditional deliverables and reports of the consulting firms and providing something useful that can be used in short cycles, prioritizing what really brings value.

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Fundación General Jaume I


Juan Antonio Bertolin, Gerente espaitec Parc Científic i Tecnològic i Empresarial

The Corporate Talent Development team of La Salle Campus Barcelona has maintained very high quality standards in the materials and speakers who have participated in the EBA, which has been reflected in the positive feedback from the participants. "Their experience in the design and implementation of this type of activities has been determinant for the success of the first edition and has encouraged us to continue with their support for the 2022 program"

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