As an entrepreneurship and innovation park, at La Salle Technova we support entrepreneurs and tech businesses that are hoping to make their project and business proposal a reality.

La Salle Technova was created in 2001 with the mission of combining innovation, entrepreneurship and technology, and supporting start-ups, from the conception of the idea to launch of the project on the market, growth and consolidation.


From the concept to the globalised marketplace

We are one of the largest incubators in Europe for newly-created tech companies.

We offer a wide range of services to support companies through the entire process of creating their business project:

  • Conceptualisation of ideas

  • Tech development

  • Incubation space

  • Business plan

  • Financing

  • Acceleration

Wherever your company is located, be it in Spain, Europe or some other part of the world, or if you have a new project you want to develop, contact us to find out how we can help you make your idea a reality.


We offer innovative solutions for large companies that need to respond to their tech challenges.

Through our Open Innovation programme, we bring together start-ups and international talent to respond to the innovation needs of large companies. The process comprises various phases:

  • Definition of the challenge.
  • International call for applications.
  • Filtering and selection of proposals.
  • Definition of pilots.
  • Mentoring throughout the acceleration process.
  • Link to the company.

The ultimate goal is to generate a flow of innovation towards large companies, reduce the time to market and increase the effectiveness rate.


We look at real challenges faced by the companies, and we seek to generate innovation using creative and co-creative methodologies and techniques:

  • We expand upon knowledge from a specific field and make it accessible.
  • We apply the knowledge acquired to real projects.
  • We inspire creativity among participants.
  • We work in multi-disciplinary teams.
  • We promote links to businesses.
  • Spaces for project incubation
  • Business advice
  • Training
  • Networking
  • Links to networks of private investors
  • Advice for finding financing
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