At La Salle Campus Barcelona we help companies introduce themselves among the university community as good employers and with the aim of capturing talent from the inception.

Differentiated positioning

We work with companies so that they get involved in different areas of the university campus: in the academic environment, through research areas or professional career services.

The proposal of positioning includes:

  • Participation in academic programs.
  • Transfer and applied collaborative research (student-company)
  • Institutional Branding.
  • Talent Recruitment and Recruitment Services

Some of the positioning strategies are transmitted through: 

  • Participation in the final presentations of the programme projects.
  • Design and elaboration of activities, and workshops aimed at specific targets.
  • Information sessions specialised by type of knowledge.
  • Representation in La Salle Alumni’s social networks (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Blogging).

The companies’ main benefits are:

  • Expansion of their presence in La Salle’s students and former students’ networks.
  • Increase the visibility of their professional offers.
  • Increase number of applications
  • Reduction of cost in the recruiting process

Brand and Profile Definition

We guide companies in the positioning of the brand they wish to pass on to students and to choose candidates according to their profiles.

We help companies define both their message and the job opportunities they can offer and to obtain the candidates that best fit their needs:

  • Defining the message about the company.
  • Visualization of employment opportunities.
  • Target Segmentation.
  • Analysis of broadcast channels.  
  • Elaboration of indicators on the company's brand return among the collective.

Academic Bond and Research

We bring companies to the class through different models of collaboration:

  • Incorporating the professional experts of the companies in the faculty staff (previous validation of the academic faculty related to the program).
  • Integrating the experts as members of the Advisory Board of the Academic Direction of the program.
  • Requesting the companies their presence in the courts of the Degree’s Final Project or Master’s Final Project.
  • Including company experts as Master’s Final Project tutors.
  • Presenting real company challenges to be developed in academic programmes whose solutions are presented by the students in their Degree’s Final Project.

The participation of companies in academic programs allows them to:

  • Have access to accredited research groups (R & D) and to La Salle Campus Barcelona’s technology transfer.
  • A 15% discount on La Salle Campus Barcelona Master's and Postgraduate degrees.
Scope of Disclosure and Promotion Actions
  • + 3.000 students annually on the Campus 
  • + 23.000 former students
  • + 50.000 email contacts
  • + 375.408 blog visitors 
  • + 20.900 Tweets
  • + 16.200  RRSS Followers
  • + 600.000 Corporative Newsletter annual visits
  • + 3.152 Corporative Newsletter subscribers

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