The Corporate Master's Degree is a long-term master's degree program that will allow you to obtain a Ramon Llull University (URL) degree or an equivalent qualification in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

What do we offer?

A flexible and tailor-made master's degree for the development and enhancement of professional profiles within the company:

  • Training with a high impact in the development of specific competencies and managerial skills.
  • Follow-up and coaching of individual progress.
  • Application of active learning methods: immersive environments, gamification, outdoor training and learn by doing.
  • Flexibility. Blended format with the online support of the Virtual Campus. Expert trainers for each area of knowledge.

Why study a Corporate Master?

It is a tool for companies in the process of growth or creation and cohesion of teams and need to incorporate professional profiles to suit their needs:

  • It facilitates the formation and development of the professional profiles with greater growth potential within the company.
  • It allows to form high performance team work teams.
  • It allows the massive incorporation of professional profiles - usually Juniors - in the processes of business growth, ensuring a rapid and effective integration.
  • Obtaining a university degree provides academic recognition to the student and is a branding element for companies as it shows the interest of the organizations in the development of their employees and places them as a good employer.