Talentum programs integrate recruitment and training processes for new graduates that meet the needs of companies.

The program is structured in two phases that can be carried out jointly or separately:

  • Recruitment. Incorporation of junior profiles with university training in ICT engineering, business management or architecture and with growth potentiality. 
  • Training. To teach the new talents the corporate values of the company and to train them in skills and development of technical competences for their better professional performance.


Talent Identification and Recruitment Phase

The main objectives of this first phase of the Talentum program are:

  • Support the company in the incorporation, development and loyalty of the talent. 
  • Recruit a certain number of professionals, usually from 10.
  • Properly define the profiles to generate a greater impact.
  • Positioning the company with a good employer recognition through an attractive employer branding.
  • Promote the program through all recruitment channels, offline and online.
  • Evaluate applications, ensuring compliance with the requirements of the profiles, their availability, interest and adequacy of expectations to the project.

The recruitment methodology and process is as follows:

  • Definition of the profiles demanded.
  • Analysis and selection of the most appropriate broadcast channels (own and external).
  • Follow-up of the return of candidacies.
  • Boosting the message if necessary.
  • Preliminary analysis of profiles: adequacy and availability. 
  • First contact personal interviews.
  • Organization and execution of group dynamics.
  • Management of the agenda of interviews with the company.
  • Application follow-up.
  • Report of the results of the process.
  • Disclosure through own and external channels.


Training phase to promote a rapid integration of talent to the needs of the company.

The main objectives of this phase are:

  • Advise graduate students in their professional development and integration into the company.
  • Generate training programs that allow La Salle Campus to promote the professional development of the students and become partners of the HR departments of companies and an engine alignment with their strategies.
  • Train in knowledge and techniques that help participants develop both generic and specific professional competencies.
  • Analyse the progress made by the participants and the results of their personal and professional development during the training.

The methodology used for the training is based on:

  • Identify the training needs of the candidates and offer a structured training in different modules according to the student-company requirements.
  • Training in corporate values ​​ (training taught directly by the company). 
  • La Salle experts in management skills meet with the different managers of the company to identify the points to work and develop. 
  • Design a customised training program in the contents, method, cases, works, activities, role-play, feedback, format, pre-work, post-work, etc. 
  • The training is done through active learning methodologies, blended formats (face-to-face and online) and the Virtual Campus.

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