All international students must have international coverage medical insurance, which will be requested for the visa process at the Spanish consulate in your country.  

This medical insurance must have coverage: WITHOUT COPAYMENTS, WITHOUT GAINS AND WITHOUT LIMITS.  

La Salle Campus Barcelona–URL, through Ramon Llull University, has a special agreement with the Oncampus platform that offers medical, accident and travel insurance coverage. 


Students Outgoing - Mobility Program

In order for you to be able to travel, you must have private medical insurance that is complementary to the basic Social Security coverage provided through the European Health Insurance Card 

Incoming mobility program Students

International students must have valid health insurance coverage for the entire time they are in Spain. Because the terms vary according to the country of origin, we recommend that you request complete information from your insurance company before coming to Spain.

Regular students from EU countries

If you are covered by the national insurance system of your country, you must apply for the European Health Insurance Card in your country of origin. This gives you the right to receive free medical assistance from the Spanish public health system. 

If you are covered by private insurance, check with your insurance company to see if you need additional insurance for medical care in Spain. 

Although international students are required to have private health insurance, additionally and Optionally, they can request the health card that will allow you to attend both in the Primary Care Centers (CAP) as in the Hospitals of the National Health System. To apply, go HERE 

Regular students from non-EU countries

To apply for your visa, you must take out private insurance to cover medical care in Spain. Consult your insurance company for specific details and the exact procedure to follow, should you require medical attention while in Spain.

Health Insurance Tips
  • Check the conditions that must be met by the health insurance before hiring any policy at the Consulate of Spain in your country.
  • If you are going to make an exchange within the ERASMUS Program, request your European Health Card.